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How to make an applied nose.

Thank you for your question. I will tell you how I do the applied nose, but I think yours are fine. I like to make them slightly oval-shaped, and not very high. Sort of like a cabochon shape used in jewelry. After drawing the shape, cut out adding a small seam allowance all around. Carefully turn in the raw edges on the line. Press in the fold by rubbing it with a teaspoon edge or butter knife handle, or bone folder. Fold in half from side to side and mark the center point at top and bottom. Fold on the marks and find the center of each side and mark. You can mark lightly on the seam allowance with a pencil. Gather close to fold using a small running stitch. Adjust gathers to make the desired shape and knot securely. Pluck a piece of stuffing and shape it into an oval to fit the cloth nose and insert. Check to be sure gathers are even and there are no pleats. Pin nose to stuffed head, using marks to center it and keep it straight. Blind stitch in place. I'm sorry this is so wordy. I hope it's helpful. Happy doll making, Carolee

Baby Squeeze-me instructions correction

I've been comparing the instructions for Baby Squeeze-Me and Clown Baby Squeeze-Me. it seems like a line of instructions got 'lost' when we converted the pattern to one page from loose-leaf, however, they are still confusing. I'm so glad you brought this to my attention. I'll re-write them and email soon but here's a simple fix.

Do not turn in the neck edge on the body. Stuff as full as you can. Pin the head in place (neck edge folded in) overlapping body neck edge. Folded head neck edge should meet the body neck seam line. Pin in place, then blind-stitch all around. That should solve the arm top problem. So sorry. Thank you for your kind questioning. I should have looked at the printed instructions sooner. Happy doll making, Carolee

Spa Day for dolly
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I copied this sweet post from our Facebook group. (I wanted to share this story.)
I made this little lady 40 years ago, she recently came to me for repairs and a make-over. So after a spa-like jacuzzi bath (washing machine) some stitches, a new hairdo, new earrings, and a big girl outfit she is ready to go home. 40 years and I still love making these little darlings.
Seam Allowance
2 days ago3:42pm EDT
I recently purchased your pattern for Billy Doll on Etsy.  I am a bit confused on the marking of seam lines and cutting line,
For the doll pattern, Am I to mark a 1/4" seam line and then cut 1/4" from that line for the doll?
The fabric for the playsuit and jacket does not require additional marking for seam and cutting lines??  It is to be cut at the edge of pattern??
Thank you for getting back to me.
Peace and Joy, Dorothy
1 day ago10:43am EDT
Message:Hi Dorothy, I'll try to clear things up for you. For the pattern pieces to make Billy, the doll, the lines of the pattern edges are the sewing lines, unless it's marked as a 'fold'. You cut 1/4" outside that sewing line. If it is a fold, you first fold the fabric to make a double layer and place the edge marked 'fold' on the fold of the fabric. For any part marked to cut a pair, place pattern piece on a double layer of fabric before cutting, so you cut two pieces at once. The reason for this is to give you an exact sewing line (the line you trace around the pattern edges), and therefore, a perfectly shaped doll.
For the clothing pattern pieces, seam allowance is already included on each piece. Happy doll making, Carolee
Discussion on doll body fabric, copied from my Facebook group.
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