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Blog posts of '2017' 'November'

Q & A. Where should I start?

Stacy asked our group of doll makers: What doll would you recommend for a first timer? My 11 yr daughter has made clothes, pillows, stuffies that are 2 shapes sewn together like a pillow, and bags. She is wanting to try a doll but I'm not sure which one would be easiest for a beginner.

Joyce DeAngelis said: Hi! Good for your daughter! I suggest the patterns especially for beginners called "Doll Making # 2" or " Doll Making #3". These are the easiest and show basic forms. Good luck to her! I started about her age and was hooked!
Laurie Entze said: Glory or Peaches and Cream.
Carolee Alt-LuppinoGroup Admin Thank you for your great suggestions, Joyce and Laurie. Stacy, I'm so glad Stacy asked this question. Her daughter has a lot of sewing experience, for such a young girl. Doll making #3 would be a small step, as the dolls are 'flatties'. Glory would be perfect for her next project. And, she's adorable! The Peaches and Cream pattern is similar but a much bigger doll. For her next step, I would suggest Apple Cheek Girls.
I think it's great that your daughter wants to learn doll making. It's a wonderful, satisfying hobby that lasts a lifetime.
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