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Blog posts of '2018' 'April'

Is there a Little Leaguer in your life?

Did someone say it's baseball season? I want to share this memory with all of you. My little brother, Chip, has always loved baseball. Me, not so much ... though many of my friends are die-hard Cubs fans. 

We grew up just west of Wrigleyville. I don't have a picture of Chip in his Little League uniform, but I do have one taken in front of our home, shortly before we moved to the 'burbs.

Years ago Chip and my other friends inspired me to make a 'little leaguer'. Do you have a child that loves baseball and would love this doll? Little girls love to play baseball, too!



A new picture of Chip. I think he still likes the Cubs.  



newspaper story summer 1975

This turned up while I was sorting through some packed boxes. I thought you might enjoy seeing it. The story ran in the Trib in the summer of 1975. At that time I was working in my basement with a few friend employees, Diane Dunnington HillViolet Zigman Cermak, Shortly after, we decided to add on to our home to make room for Carolee Creations, SewSweet Dolls business. We rented space in Elmhurst at 333 W First, then 787 & 781 Industrial Dr, and 120 N York, before moving to the 'new' addition in 2015. Now I love the commute! You might recognize some of the dolls in the picture. www.sewsweetdolls.com

Image may contain: 1 person

scrubs and stethoscope idea

Just made a clone of my surgeon! I used the baseball player pattern for the doll & shirt, pants, shoes I designed the cap and face mask myself. I made the stethoscope with a black pipe cleaner, foil on the ends . I put a small wooden candle cup painted it gray, folded the pipe cleaner in half stuck that in the hole so that it was upside down. Iam very happy the way he turns out 

Senior Citizens love cloth dolls

I didn't take a picture but I made an Apple Cheek Girl doll for an elderly neighbor. She just came over to thank me, doll in her arms. There were tears in her eyes she was so happy. Now I am crying. Isn't that what making dolls is all about? Making people happy! Merry Christmas all you fellow doll makers! I hope your day is as wonderful as mine is now!

Katie, a cloth doll classic

I remember so clearly the day Katie was 'born'. You may know that Katie is one of my favorite dolls. It was almost like when I gave birth to my three babies, but I was awake for this event!

It seemed like a miracle to me. In the morning, I sat down to design a new doll and, by late afternoon Katie was standing on my work table grinning at me - or so it seemed ...

Now, it doesn't always happen like that. A doll can take a few days to design, or I can get so caught up in making the doll, that I keep making them and end up with a table full like when I did the Sittin' Pretty Girls and Sittin' Pretty Kids.

Over the years I have heard from many doll-making friends about how much Katie means to them. I love hearing this and seeing pictures. 

  This is my sweet Amy, with her Katie, the only brunette Katie I ever made

Katie is great as a redhead, too.

    and one more well-loved Katie from the kit we offered in the 80'  Isn't it fun to see them all?

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