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Blog posts of '2018' 'May'

Cloth Doll May Brightens Nursing Home

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I am lucky to still have mine, but I know many are enjoying sweet memories of Mothers who have passed on.

It was my Mother that taught me to sew and to love crafts. (My Grandmother, too, but this is about my mother.) My Mom will turn 98 in a few weeks. She still lives on her own, cooks some, and crochets baby blankets for all the new ones in her life. Being born in 1920, my Mom has lived from the horse-and-buggy age to space travel. Isn’t that amazing when you think about it? And, she still tries to take care of me, her baby girl.

My Aunt, my mother’s sister, also liked to sew and make dolls. I guess growing up in the depression brings out the creativity in a person. Aunt Grace’s favorite dolls to make were May, and Kirsten and Kurt. The later, because of our German heritage. One story she loved to tell, was of bringing May as a gift to her friend in a nursing home. Her friend loved the doll. So, did other residents in the home. It was quite a challenge to keep May where she belonged. Other residents would slip in and ‘borrow’ her when they could. The elderly women were very comforted by cuddling the ‘baby’ and never missed an opportunity.

Most of the time, we think of making cloth dolls for little girls. From all the sweet stories I have heard, I know that ‘big girls’ still love cloth dolls gifts, too.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Celebrate all the special women in your life.

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