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How To Make Glad Rags

How To Make Glad Rags. Order the WallFlowers Pattern and Wallflowers Grils Clothing Pattern. www.sewsweetdolls.com/wallflowers

Sew Wallflowers doll, making legs of red and white striped fabric, with stripes going across legs. 

Follow instructions for cloth hair, using 1 yard bright red fabric. Make each section about 6" long. Using girls clothes pattern, sew dress with natural waistline, in calico. Trim neckline with lace.

Sew panties and apron of print fabric, as follows.

Panties: Before cutting fabric for panties, add 4" to length of panties pattern leg. Follow instructions on pattern.

Cut piece 18" x 13" long for apron. Hem sides 1/4"; hem waist and lower edges 1". Gather 3/4" from waist edge with 9" of elastic.

Make two shoulder straps and two ties, 2" x 16". Hem all edges 1/4". Attach two, to front of apron with decorative buttons as in photo, and make a 2" loop on each back end.

Attach remaining two (ties) to each side at elastic. Pull ties through loops on ends of shoulder straps and tie in a bow in back.


We were in Doll Crafter Magazine!
It's TBT (throw back Thursday) on Facebook. I'm still sorting through tons of stuff and came upon these things I thought you would enjoy seeing. A picture of me dressing Sissy, and with it was the June 2002 issue of Doll Crafter magazine. Skipper and Sissy were featured. What fun!
It's fun to find 'treasures' but the whole 'sorting thing' is really getting old. I keep thinking I will be able to get back to sewing, soon. To do that, I have to have a place to work. Which is why I have to keep sorting and purging, to give away things I no longer want, and make room for what I do want, and clear my work surfaces. 
Carolee Creations - SewSweet Dolls patterns for cloth doll making's photo.
Carolee Creations - SewSweet Dolls patterns for cloth doll making's photo.
Crusher Football Helmet information

Football Helmet for Crusher

Please excuse me if you are getting this twice. I just posted it on my new FB Page Carolee Creations SewSweet Dolls - patterns for cloth doll making. I think this is useful information that solves a problem many of you have had in trying to make the helmet for Crusher. 

I would appreciate it if you would go to my new page and 'like' me. (I feel like Sally Fields.) Thanks!

It's foot ball season - the time of year when the men in your life won't care if you spend your time sewing dolls. They'll be watching their favorite teams. LOL

A lot of you have been placing orders for Crusher, our football player. That go
t me to thinking about the helmet instructions. When I designed the pattern soft drink bottles had round bottoms. That has changed, but ...it dawned on me today that the top is still round, if you cut off the pour spout. Cover the hole with duct tape and you're good to go! Just follow the instructions on the Crusher pattern. I don't know why I didn't realize that years ago...sigh
http://www.caroleecreations.comIf you know anyone who is having this problem, please refer them to my facebook page.

Amy doll


Amy is one of the most endearing, enduring favorites from the SewSweet Dolls pattern collection. She is designed to resemble my daughter Amy at age 3, and "yes", her hair really was that long. I just finished a phone conversation with an old customer who was reminiscing about the Amy dolls she made 20 or more years ago. She is now making them for her great-granddaughters.
Amy 16" & Willie Bear 4"
Little girls always like long hair. (Actually, that's not exclusive to little girls - lots of people like long hair.) Amy loved it, as a little girl, and has her whole life. She was really upset with me when she got her first hair cut, before kindergarten. She looked adorable, but - her hair was never short again until she was a career woman, and decided it might be easier.

Amy has additional clothes patterns that give her a nice variety of styles to pieces to mix and match. She's a fun gift for little girls, and fun to sew.
The person I mentioned earlier said that she had made dolls for all her daughters and granddaughters. Her son wasn't so sure his son should have a doll but has changed his mind. It seems that they are 'expecting' a baby boy, and big brother has already named him - so she is making a baby boy doll for him.
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